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State Project Development & Research Institute of Marine Transport CHERNOMORNIIPROEKT Govermental Enterprise founded in 1930, welcomes you cordially!

The main directions of the Institute's work are the following:

- complete all-step design of sea harbours, shipyards, installations of sea and river transport infrastructure;

- all-round engineering surveying works (geology, hydrology, geodesy) on-shore and off-shore;

- research in marine hydraulic engineering;

- ecological research and solutions on environmental protection against establishments being designed and operated;

- engineering services.

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CHERNOMORNIIPROEKT has got State Certificates for the right to exercise construction activity in Ukraine and Russian Federation,
is State Awards laureate for design of a number of the most significant objects (Illyichevsk Port, Illyichevsk Shipyard, Odessa Marine Passenger Terminal, Novorossiysk Port);
is appointed as a base standardizing and norm-setting organization in marine hydraulic engineering, technological engineering of sea ports, shipyards, navigation channels, as well as a territorial organization of State Building Committee of Ukraine in "Marine Transport" direction;
is a joint member of Ukrainian Quality Association, of Odessa Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
exercises its production activity in Quality Management System controlled conditions set and certified by International Certification Society "Bureau Veritas Quality International" and Shipping Register of Ukraine proving compliance with the International ISO Standards 9001 Series;   
widely cooperates with engineering companies of the leading countries: USA, Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, etc.;
has a highly trained staff of experts in all directions of the Institute's activity (totally 400 employees) including an Academician and a Corresponding Member of Transport Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 5 Academician and 6 Corresponding Members of International Academy of Sciences for Ecology, Man and Nature Safety, 2 Doctors and 12 Ph. D's of Engineering and Economic Sciences;
main building with 7200 sq. m area;
laboratory building 1 with 4100 sq. m area;
ECUS-1 Experimental Plant for investigation of models and elements of hydroengineering structures completed by measuring instruments and equipment;
local network of operative graphic terminals, high-quality printers, A3-A0 format digitizers and plotters, graphic and text editors, applied software, high-performance copying machines of the leading world companies.

Chernomorniiproekt consists of design and survey departments:
Harbours and Shipyards Design Dept., Hydraulic Structures Dept. with Construction Management Sector, Architectural-and-Building Dept., Sanitary Engineering Dept., Electric Supply and Automation Dept., Communications and Electroradionavigation Dept., Engineering Ecology Dept., Engineering Survey Dept., Engineering Geodesy Dept., Estimate and Rate Dept., Department of Design Process Automation;
research departments:
Laboratory of Hydraulic Research and Port Water Basins, Laboratory of Hydroengineering Designs Investigation, Sector of Structures Foundations Investigation.
In technical archives there are over than 90000 books on actually all harbours and other installations of m arine transport of Black Sea, Azov and Danube basins beginning from 1925 including about 6000 volumes with engineering survey data.

The Standard library stock amounts over 500 copies of type designs and about 1400 standards, additionally there are two standard bases of documents for construction in Ukraine and Russian Federation (about 5000 copies).